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The Holy Land Tour 2011

Well you found the right place to learn about our 2011 tour of Israel and the Holy Land. Check out the links below to see each day’s blog post. You’ll be able to read about what we did that day, check out pictures, and then also watch the day’s associated videos. Shalom & enjoy!

– Josh Fuoco

Pictures: http://www.wjfuoco.com/zenphoto/2011-Israel/

Day 1: “Israel – Day One…and a Half

Day 2: “Israel – Day 2…Bringing on the rain

Day 3: “Israel – Day 3…in search of Rome!

Day 4: “Israel – Day 4…leaving the Galilee

Day 5: “Israel – Day 5…crossing over

Day 6: “Israel – Day 6…ancient Jerusalem, enough said!

Day 7: “Israel – Day 7…wild in the wilderness

Day 8: “Israel – Day 8…He’s alive!