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Israel – Day 8…He’s alive!

– Saturday, February 5, 2011 –

Well, today was our last day of touring the Holy Land.  I’m sorry I had to see it come to an end, but a wonderful day and trip it was!

Rather than write a conclusion to the trip in this blog, I’m going to continue my theme of posting about each individual day.  Today’s blog will be quick though.  I’ll post the link to the Day 8 pictures and provide you with the videos and a quick summary of where we went.  However, I will be writing a conclusion blog post that will incorporate all aspects of the trip, my thoughts about traveling to the Middle East, political concerns, realities, and misconceptions.  So stay tuned for that, I can’t wait to write bout it!

But without further ado, back to Day 8.  The theme today focused a good bit on Jesus’s death and resurrection.  And as a side note, if it weren’t for His resurrection, I wouldn’t even have traveled here, because He’s Alive and that’s why I live!  But anyways, here’s our stops: The Garden Tomb, St. Anne’s, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, King David’s Tomb, and Caiaphas’ House.  And now, here are the Day 8 Pictures!


The Garden Tomb: a likely location of the tomb of Jesus. At the very least, this will give you a GREAT idea of what Jesus’ tomb would have looked like.


One of 2 places we visited that has an extremely high probability that Jesus actually walked here…the steps leading to the Caiaphas’ house, the High Priest Jesus was tried at, on the night of his betrayal.

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