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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …

Big Events

– June 20, 2011 –

Jen & Josh’s Wedding Info

Here’s our wedding info page!

– January 29 – February 5, 2011 –

The 2011 Holy Land Tour – Israel and the West Bank!

Links of the blogs, which include pictures and videos I took while in the Holy Land!

– September 16, 2010 –

The Wild West Tour II – 2010 Style! Videos

Links of the videos I took while at Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, & Carson City!

– December 28, 2009 –

La Dolce Vita in Roma Videos

A list of various videos I took during my semester abroad in Rome!

– July 31, 2009 –

The Ode To The Hostess Cupcake

Video Jim & Chelsie D’Amico’s Wedding – and Mr. West Allegheny singing – The Ode To The Hostess Cupcake.

– May 26, 2009 –

Pens Eastern Conference Finals – Game 2

Videos from the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals – Game 2.

– February 3, 2009 –

Superbowl XLIII Parade

Videos from the 2009 Superbowl Parade.

– January 18, 2009 –

AFC Championship Videos

Videos from the 2009 AFC Championship Game vs the Baltimore Ravens.

– December 15, 2008 –

WA – Old School Videos

Be sure to keep checking back for Old School WA videos of my friends and I! Click the logo to the right to see the “Old School Videos” archive.

West Allegheny Logo

– November 9, 2008 –

Song of the Moment

Check out and listen to all of the songs that have made it onto the “Song of the Moment” list!

e-Phonic Logo

– October 10, 2008 –

Road to Victory Rally ’08

All the McCain Rally videos are at the above link, or check the archive list of media to the right.

– August 27, 2008 –

Tour de Greenville ’08

All 6 tubing videos are on the above link, or check the archive list of media to the right.

– July 2008 –

Myrtle Beach ’08

Check out all the Myrtle Beach 2008 Family Vacation pics at the above link!

– December 2006 –

Intl. Honors Thesis

“Wireless Technology Within Academic Institutions: An Exploratory Study Between Rome and Pittsburgh”

Click here to read my Thesis regarding Wireless Technology in Rome and Pittsburgh!

– January 2006 – May 2006 –

Rome, Italy Pictures (American University of Rome)

These are all the pictures I took from my semester abroad at AUR during the Spring of 2006. Be sure to check out the 2006 Winter Olympic pictures in Turin!