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La Dolce Vita in Roma


In about 3 weeks or so, it’ll be the 4th anniversary of when me and 2 amici of mine from RMU left for a semester abroad in the historic Italian city of Roma!  Almost every year I do some sort of anniversary post.  Therefore, after these 4 long years, I post a few of the videos I took while I was there!  Below are 6 links to separate pages with a variety of videos ranging from the daily Roman life we experienced to some of the ancient sites in the city to small excursions such as the one we took to the Island of Capri.

*This is NOT an exhaustive list of the videos!  There will be more to come from when we were in Florence, Turin (2006 Winter Olympics), Venice, Paris, Munich, etc.  Also, if you missed them, the link to my pictures from this time are above, titled “Italy Photos” or click here: http://italy.wjfuoco.com.  So enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for more videos!

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