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Israel – Day 6…ancient Jerusalem, enough said!

– Wednesday, February 3, 2011 –

Another great day in Israel. We spent the majority of our time in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. We toured the Western or Wailing Wall area and the Western Wall Tunnel. This is the most sacred site in current Judiasm as it’s the only accessibly remaining sites of the “true” old city in the time of Herod’s Temple (the one Jesus was at). Be sure to check out the video I have from the Wall below. I also have pictures from the tunnel too.

We also went to the Temple Institute, to learn and see what actually was in the Temple, who are rebuilding the Temple pieces that will go into the Temple once it’s rebuilt on the Temple Mount (which means the current mosque would have to be destroied…..yes, this is where all the terrorism & wars and ugly stuff would come into picture). Following this we headed to the Jerusalem Archaeological Park. Let’s just say, I was in heaven! We saw the steps that Jesus most likely would have taken in his life to enter the Temple Mount, the roads uncovered around the temple walls, ritual cleansing baths, and houses. Just a great experience and perspective during the time of Jesus. We also got to go to the Jewish/Israeli Holocaust Museum and the Israeli Museum. We didn’t have nearly enough time. I honestly could have spent 5+ hours in each, there was so much information and exhibits. Regardless of your familiarity or interest in either of the museums topics, you would have been captivated by something.

Well, I hope you enjoy the video below! Here are today’s pictures!


A view from around the Western/Wailing Wall.

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