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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …


The Olympics, no singular event as large and heralded in the world.  And they start this Friday, I’m stoked to say the least!  After attending the Olympics myself in Torino, Italy in 2006, it’s safe to say I’m addicted.  I watched the 2008 Summer Olympics with great interest and the Winter Games, my favorite of the […] Read more


The Constitution and Freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, does a great 5 part series called “The Constitution and Freedom.”  So if you know a little bit or a lot about The United States Constitution but want to learn more, this series is for you! The Judge, as he’s affectionately known, will talk about how The […] Read more

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A View From Above

Big week for the city of Pittsburgh, as all residents are abuzz with talk of the G20 Summit (affectionately known around the region as The Pittsburgh Summit).  What seems to be the most frequent talk from residents, or at least those I interact with on a daily/weekly basis are traffic related issues and the so-called […] Read more


A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand

There’s no greater truth than the Bible.  In this week’s message at church, the leadership began the process of revealing the new vision for our church.  Not much in specifics were said (The Vine Cafe was open though!), but just more on the overall vision of fulfilling God’s plan for the church.  As many of […] Read more


Pittsburgh, PA. The Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the only team to win six titles, will soon be loosing half of those trophies. After a meeting between NFL Commissioner Rodger Gadel and President Barack Hussain Obama, Obama decided to redistribute half of their Steeler Super Bowl victories and trophies to less fortunate teams in […] Read more


Here’s some fun news for you history buffs out there, a 150 year old secret message has been revealed in President Lincoln personal pocket watch!  Now before you get to keen about a real life National Treasure story happening, there isn’t (as far as we know!) a secret code.  The watch’s creator etched comments that […] Read more