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A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand

There’s no greater truth than the Bible.  In this week’s message at church, the leadership began the process of revealing the new vision for our church.  Not much in specifics were said (The Vine Cafe was open though!), but just more on the overall vision of fulfilling God’s plan for the church.  As many of you know, I set up each week’s service of songs, announcements, videos, message notes, etc., on the computer.  When I was given the video below on Saturday, for Sunday’s message, it took quite a bit of restraint to not post on here, it’s that good!

As you just heard in the video, they referenced Mark 3:24 –

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”

How true is that?  Those of you that know the people of the church, you unfortunately but commonly see divisiveness within the church, not allowing anything to be done, to further God’s will.  However, when we do come together, more than our wildest dreams come true through God’s power(I stole that from the message as well, check out Ephesians 3:20)

Now, I’m going to do something politically incorrect here, some may roll their eyes and quit reading (at least you watched the 1st video!), but time for politics…

There’s been great divisiveness in the country, really coming to the forefront in the past few years.  Partisanship has been high, and and I can’t recall it being any worse in my short lifetime than right now.  Both sides of the aisle are really riling the other side up.  Domestic policy is causing comments to be shouted across the aisle that only cause people to dig in further.  And I’m guilty of it too.  Sunday’s message helped me realize that.  Just like it was mentioned this Sunday, our doctrine will never change, our method’s of reaching people will.  Amen.  The same can be said for politics.  Most of us won’t change our policies, but our method’s to compromise, reconcile, and move forward sure can.

Therefore, I’d like to share what I think was a great example of the aforementioned proposed methods.  Check the video out below of this past Saturday’s march on DC. The issues people were there were wide ranging but included deficit spending, health care proposals, national security, etc.  The common theme though was less government, more self responsibility.  What seems to make this march stand out from those of recent news (besides the +1 million marchers) was this common sentiment

“perhaps the most interesting thing about the crowd was how friendly and civil it was. It was also a fun crowd…”

Mark Hemingway – NRO

So let’s share our views, stand up for what we believe in, that’s the American way.  But let’s cut out the name calling, the race baiting, the truly unfounded claims, the disrespect.  This isn’t the American way.

A kingdom divided cannot stand.

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