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A View From Above

Big week for the city of Pittsburgh, as all residents are abuzz with talk of the G20 Summit (affectionately known around the region as The Pittsburgh Summit).  What seems to be the most frequent talk from residents, or at least those I interact with on a daily/weekly basis are traffic related issues and the so-called “wackos” that will inevitably integrate into our population in the coming days (odd to call them, “them” meaning the destructive and/or eccentric protestors, “wackos” in this city…..have you ever seen a Steeler or Pens fan here?).

Anyways, regardless of your views on the G20 and/or how it’ll impact your weekly and daily routines later this week, Pittsburgh will be the setting of meetings between some of the most powerful leaders in the world discussing economic and financial matters.  Due to these distinctive meetings and the coverage it will bring, Pittsburgh and the surrounding region has a unique opportunity to show the world the ample and distinct assets the city holds dear.

Therefore, I thought it would be great to show the above promotional video of Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership.

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