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Dragnet On A Labor Day Issue

via Nicholas Rizzuto of The Wilkow Majority fame

As I was flipping through the TV channels on my day off today, I came across the local Pittsburgh news coverage of Downtown’s (yes, capitalized, if you’re from Pittsburgh you’ll understand!) Labor Day Parade.  That peaked my interest in the labor issues and I started my morning news paper reading (can you call online news/opinion story’s “news paper readings”, I’m not sure?).  I read a few news article and then jumped into a few opinion pieces.  Opinion pieces are always fun to read, you see where people stand, how goofy some comments are, and how passionate other’s are.  I always try to get in an article or two from opposing view-points of mine.   Sometimes they help you refocus your own ideologies or just strengthen your current convictions.

None the less, issues facing Main Street have been the primary focus across America, especially with Health Care.  One article I read was about Michael Moore’s showing of his new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story” at the Venice Film Festival (beautiful city if you’ve never been!).  Like the majority of Moore’s films, they document one side of an issue he’s passionate about, trying to promote a particular position.  Moore’s good at what he does, relatively speaking, however, I find most of his attempts at resolution unrealistic, not understanding a root cause, or not empathizing with all those affected by an issue.

Obviously Moore has points about America’s Health Care system facing tough issues.  However, don’t forget, all-in-all, we’re still the best system in the world!  American’s are open to improvements for all, but not at the expense of a restructuring of our bedrock economic and political principles that have guided us to the position of prominence we have held as a country for two-plus centuries.  More lightly put, watch the Jack Webb (of Dragnet fame) video at the top.

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