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College Football, More Than A Game!

College Football Season

If you’ve been living under a rock I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it’s football season! High School ball started last night, College started this week, & the NFL starts next week. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about football? The same thing happened with me looking forward to this past summer. I think it all has to do something with the fact that I finally finished up Grad School last spring and I was able to truly look forward to all the normal happenings of the summer and now the fall without having to worry about school work!  I’ve had summers off, so that wasn’t too different, but I’ve never had a fall off before, and I’m really looking forward to soaking this up!

This summer was a blast, especially because I wasn’t taking summer classes like last year.  I played on 2 different hockey teams and 2 different softball teams. Softball was great, felt so good to get back out on the diamond again after almost 5 years away from it. It was so much fun, we’re even going to play some fall softball in the South Hills (first game is this week).  So with that experience, I only have high hopes for this fall!

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming football season, and it should be a great one. We’ll obviously be making it back down to Morgantown for some WVU games, those always turn into a good time! We’re also going to try to do a tailgate or 2 for the Bobby Mo games, start taking advantage of the actual sense of school spirit at RMU has as of late. Oh yes, and 1 to 2 State College trips are even on the radar! I’ve never been to a PSU game, so this year could mark my first! I’m a big Penn State fan, even though I never attended the school. As 2 good high school friends/PSU Alumni can attest though, I did have a PSU transfer application filled out my entire Sophomore year and sitting in a dorm room, desk drawer at RMU. These 2 buddies were pestering me almost weekly about how great State College was and why I needed to transfer and live with them. And being the passionate person I am, and not having the school spirit passion at RMU, I was craving it (just look at the picture below from the two PSU boys and I at a high school game together!). Obviously, I never transferred, glad I didn’t, my time at RMU turned out to be great, but none-the-less, I still follow PSU, and getting to experience the atmosphere at Beaver Stadium on game day would really top off this college football season for me!

Craig, Josh, & Josh - WA Indian Fans

Tradition, Passion, & Pride. Craig, Josh, and I: we had them all back in high school, and they’re still alive today!

So here’s to this fall’s college football season and the excitement traditions, passions, and pride bring us!

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