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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …


The Constitution and Freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, does a great 5 part series called “The Constitution and Freedom.”  So if you know a little bit or a lot about The United States Constitution but want to learn more, this series is for you! The Judge, as he’s affectionately known, will talk about how The […] Read more

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Dragnet On A Labor Day Issue

via Nicholas Rizzuto of The Wilkow Majority fame As I was flipping through the TV channels on my day off today, I came across the local Pittsburgh news coverage of Downtown’s (yes, capitalized, if you’re from Pittsburgh you’ll understand!) Labor Day Parade.  That peaked my interest in the labor issues and I started my morning […] Read more


Here’s some fun news for you history buffs out there, a 150 year old secret message has been revealed in President Lincoln personal pocket watch!  Now before you get to keen about a real life National Treasure story happening, there isn’t (as far as we know!) a secret code.  The watch’s creator etched comments that […] Read more