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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …

April 2006

Easter at St. Peter’s

Well, it’s the day after Easter and it was a lovely Easter day here in Roma I would just like to say. Definetely different not being at home, but it wasn’t a big deal. I had some good friends to hang out with and lots of good food! We went to St. Peter’s Square at […] Full article →



This past Friday we took a day excursion to the Island of Capri. We have two days left on our Rail Passes and not alot of cash! So we figured it would be cheaper to go to 2 places rather than one place for a few nights and have to spend the money on a […] Full article →


Well, thanks to my Uncle Rocky, he got me writing a new blog! Sorry (if people actually noticed) but I haven’t written anything for about two weeks since we got back from Spring Break. However, to be honest, nothing out of the ordinary (if I can even say that while in Roma) has really been […] Full article →