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What’s Happening in Roma…

Well, thanks to my Uncle Rocky, he got me writing a new blog! Sorry (if people actually noticed) but I haven’t written anything for about two weeks since we got back from Spring Break. However, to be honest, nothing out of the ordinary (if I can even say that while in Roma) has really been going on.

Since Spring Break, it’s just been homework and making sure we’re all caught up with our studies (HAHAHA) and things involving school. So to be honest, that’s not very exciting to write about!

Last night actually turned out to be a very fun evening for the 4 of us guys. Mikey’s dad is a cop in Vandergrift, PA. Therefore, he works in and around the Westmorland County Courthouse and knows the Westmorland County DA. Well the DA’s son is studying Catholic Theology here in Rome to become a priest. So through the two dads, we meet up with the DA’s son John, who is about 25ish, last evening. It was REAL nice to talk to somebody about home and who knows street names and also refers to Pittsburgh as “The Burgh”! He showed us around his college, The Pope’s North American College. It’s located right down the hill from our college and has an amazing view of all of Rome being located on Rome’s highest hill (like AUR), the Gionoculum Hill. After a quick tour we went out to dinner and John asked where we would like to go and I spoke up quickly and said anywhere that’s “really Italian”, not just some tourist spot. We ended up going down some side street (American’s would think it’s a crummy back alley) but sat outside and ate probably the best lasagne of my life (sorry Mom!) and also a Shellfish pasta. John has been in Rome now for 2 years. He was telling us some history that we haven’t learned yet and we even taught him a thing or two! We got some “gelato” (ice cream, and it’s better than the states) in Piazza Novana (used to have ancient chariot races) and walked some more around the city. Overall, it was more of just a “meet somebody from home” evening, but needless to say, it was great to hear from a fellow Pittsburgher!

In regards to sites or anything we’ve see, our Art of Rome class sort of went dull, or I should say repeatitive, the last few weeks. We keep seeing churches (which are very beautiful!) and Palazzo’s (palaces in Rome). We did go to St. Peter’s for our last class. This was a really cool site! The cathedral is enormous and the artwork is brilliantly done! Better yet, we’re all on a low budget now and it was free to enter! Therefore, we are going to go back so we can walk to the top of the Dome and also down to where Peter’s tomb is located below the central altar.

Ciao for now!

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