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Easter at St. Peter’s

Well, it’s the day after Easter and it was a lovely Easter day here in Roma I would just like to say. Definetely different not being at home, but it wasn’t a big deal. I had some good friends to hang out with and lots of good food!

We went to St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican and took in the Pope’s Easter Mass (even though I’m not Catholic). It was a very cool experience I can say. There were over 100,000 people easily! We got there early…8:30am because we didn’t have tickets, but we were able to get a spot right on the outside of the Square. A few minutes into the mass we were actually allowed to get half way into the Square after all the people with tickets were inside. For all the people that were there, we were probably 1/4 of the way from the front, so a good location!

Us guys were invited over to a friends house for Easter dinner and obviously we took up the offer! These girls could cook! We thought we were good, but let me tell you, this was some good stuff! We had baked chicken, salad, pie, fruits, potatoes, lasagne (with AMAZING sauce), sausage & meatballs, and eggplant! Definetely all ate our share. We met quite a few new people as well, always fun meeting people from all over the States from back home. We stayed almost all day, probably about 10 people or so. It was a good time. Well, I’m out…I rushed this blog because I’m actually about to start homework, amazing I know! Ciao for now!

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