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Last Week in Rome

Well, if you’ve been bored and looking for something to read I apologize I haven’t written here for a while. I guess you can say we’ve been busy. We haven’t traveled since Capri and our next trip will be back home 🙁 We’ve been doing a lot of work for school, the norm: papers, tests, presentations….all on stuff that doesn’t interest us too much. Oh well, what can you do, we’re in Roma!?!?!

Needless to say, none of us, besides Mikey has a desire to leave yet (he wants to see his babydoll…which is understandable!). I really don’t feel like leaving yet. I love it here! I feel like I have assimilated into the culture here so well and it’s so sad to finally realize that I have to go in a week. The only thing that seems of any value to return back to The Burgh is my internship, because I’m hoping I won’t be doing the same repetive thing I’ve been doing the past two summers doing basic technical support at RMU. My internship is within my Major and Concentration, Network Administration (that is setting up all the computer networks on RMU’s campus for people that don’t understand) and this is something that can directly help me with obtaining my first job in a year when I graduate (wow, that’s weird!).

We all know how lucky we are to have an entire week after finals end to enjoy all that is Roma! We’re going to a Beach right outside the city w/ some AUR friends on Friday….do some relaxin’ with the ladies of course! On Saturday, 2 guys from RMU that are studying in Madrid are flying over for their last weekend in Europe as well to stay with us. We plan on seeing most of the Roman Sites those last few days with them, so we don’t have to pay extra money twice the one or two days before they get here. Then on Tuesday….we’re outta here. We get home Tuesday night at 9:30pm Eastern Time. That’s about 3:30am our time, so I’m going to be OUT OF IT! So prepare, I’m probably going to be miserable, cranky, tired from that flight and the fact I left Roma and have no idea when I’ll ever get back (hopefull soon)!

Aren’t you excited to see me in a week now?!?!

PS….to any WA/RMU people, we’re going out Wednesday or Thursday night when I get back, I miss you guys! (I’m sentimental I know!)

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