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WordPress on the way!

Well, it’s finals again and I haven’t been posting too much lately, seems like a weekly basis. Any of my spare time has actually been going into WordPress development. I’ve been hearing all the good things about it and I just really need to get to a CMS for this site. Therefore, I’ve been redoing this entire site in a development site on my local machine. I plan on then exporting the mySQL database up to my host (with which I’ll have to convert the platform to Linux) and FTPing the directory so that all my work is “instantly” ready.

I hope to have this migration done within the next week, I probably have 90% of my current site rebuilt and to the unknowing eye, think it was done. However, I want to get it to be officially ready, especially since the site may experience some down time.

I must say, this is a very bittersweet moment. A CMS has always been my goal. However, I’ve always built my own site, all HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT’s, ASP, etc. I attribute my fundamental knowledge of web development to my site and all the experimenting that I’ve done. I like to think of it as a continuous work in progress. However, going to WordPress, they have thousands of themese that can change the layout and styles in the click of a mouse. This is fantastic and I can’t wait, but I won’t be doing as much layout coding any more. But I have a strong feeling I’ll be putzing w/ the plugins and learning how to move around in PHP, which is a goal of mine to learn in the near future.

Well, back to my WordPress site. Oh yeah, after a good bit of searching, I came across a theme called “Subtle”. Very customizable, which I obviously like. So, if you have any advice for me, please leave a comment and be sure to look for the new site update in the coming week or so!

Oh one last thing, I plan on still using the Intense Debate commenting plugin in my WordPress site. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to export each set of comments into the new WordPress version of the post. I’ll try and see but I think I may “lose” them. Yes, I know I can export them, but not sure how I’d reassociate them with another post. Oh well, I’ll see what I can do….I’m really sorry though if I end up losing some of your comments, please continue posting though!

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