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I Like Ham

It’s not Easter but please, we only want Ham here!  Today, I found close to 344 Spam Comments on my blog.  Thanks to Intense Debate, I had comments that have 2+ links in them set for moderation and all 344 and some odd comments didn’t show up on my website.  Ham, if you don’t know, are legit comments, from you I hope!

akismet-logoTherefore, through my misfortune, I want to share what I learned with you:

So, here’s another plug for my fellow bloggers to use Intense Debate commenting.  The moderation options are great, you can export, import, put on multiple platforms, have multiple sites per account, have a unique identity, allow anonymous commenter’s (for better or worse!), and it’s a great interface!  So be sure to try it out, especially if you’re just using the generic WordPress commenting system.  Intense Debate can be found here {www.intensedebate.com} and also offers a WordPress plugin!  I also need to share that by signing up for a free WordPress account and blog, I was able to use Akismet spam filtering. Akismet allowed me to delete all those 344+ spam comments.  Thank goodness!  The author of www.zeronothing.com told me he’s been using Akismet now for a while and hasn’t even seen any spam show up, it’s all been deleted before it came to him for moderation.

So, a few action items:

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