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Roma, Italia – 2006 Photos Uploaded

It’s about time! When “Yahoo! Photos” ended their photo album hosting service and offered their users various sites to migrate albums to, Flickr was an option I chose. However, to even just view all my albums, I needed to purchase the Pro-Edition, which I didn’t want to do (I can still do it, but I really don’t want to waste the money). Luckily I had the photos backed up multiple times. I did lose ALL my comments on each photo (unless I buy the Pro-Edition and copy & paste every comment) which I’m so bummed about because I lost comments that I made within hours of actually taking some of the photos, very good glimpse of what I was thinking at the time of each photo. Oh well, at least I still have the photos!

Well, without further ado, here we go! Go straight to them by clicking the image or go to the Photos page and you’ll see the Colosseum thumbnail.

Study Abroad - Roma, Italia - 2006
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