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Pens vs Steeler’s Conference Championship’s

Tomorrow is the AFC Championship game for our Pittsburgh Steelers! The city is abuzz and the talk is all about the game and where you’ll be watching it. Pittsburgh has always been a football town, from high school coverage, all the way on up to the pros. But more than Pittsburgh being a football town, the city, to me, is a crazed sport’s town. The town is proud of the currently ranked #1 Pitt Panther’s basketball team, the city loves baseball & we have the country’s most beautiful ballpark(despite the Nutting’s failures over the years to not put a winning product on the field), the Steelers (need I say more?), and of course the Penguins!

After the Pens awesome run into the NHL’s “Second Season”, aka. the Playoffs, this past spring, the city was hockey crazed! People couldn’t get enough of the team and couldn’t get enough of hockey.

So here’s my question:

Which Conference Championship had Pittsburgh more in a stir and excited?

The Pens in the NHL’s 2008 Eastern Conference Finals vs. the loathed “Broadstreet Bullies” (Philadelphia Flyers)


The Steelers in the NFL’s 2009 AFC Championship vs. the equally-as-loathed “Baltimore Birdies”(Baltimore Ravens)

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