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School & A Boat?

Definitely haven’t been updating my blog this month as much as I would have liked to have been. It seems that my holiday break in January from work & school really helped with the blog updating process!

Class is still a killer, Database is just so intense, learning a lot of valuable tools I can use everyday at work (worked on a project for work w/ my Professor, that was cool), but just a rough class. My other Security class just has so much writing, and to be doing Grad School full-time & working full-time, WOW! I am just glad I am doing all of this now rather than later in life. I have about a year left and then FREEDOM!!

On another tangent, my dad and I are looking into buying a boat together. Nothing fancy or anything, just a decent starter boat, somewhere around 19 ft, open-bow that we can tow skiers and tubers. He’s looking into a new SUV so he can tow it, and I’m going to have to install a tow package, the electrical wiring for a trailer, and some extra engine cooling devices. AND on top of all that, I’m thinking about getting my motorcycle’s license. Plans would be to take the PA motorcycle safety course and if I like it, find a cheap bike, use to go to work and stuff, def. cut down on the gas money in the summer times.

And lastly, new addition to the roommate situation, Leber’s living with Ian, Nick, and I now…..OHHHH MAN!

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