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Dub V & House Search

I haven’t blogged for a while, and since RMU closed the entire University today, I was able to get my projects done this afternoon and have a free night!

Ian, Nick, Leber, & I hit up WVU this past weekend. And as Leber planned……somebody died! Well, not exactly, but yes sort of. Haha, well Nick was basically immobile (is that a word?) on the ride back to PA. Good times though. Went to a few clubs, always interesting when I dance as well as I sing (AHHHHH!!!). But oh well, good times great oldies 3WS.

We’re still looking at a few places to live. Our latest prospect is a 3 br on Mt. Washington with a view of Pittsburgh. We haven’t seen the house yet, we’re still waiting for the owners to get back to us.

I’ll be back later, hopefully find some fun video or picture to through up!

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