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February 2008

Pens Trade Deadline Deal

Well, with about 5 minutes until the NHL Trading Deadline today, the Pens pulled what has been dubbed a “Blockbuster Deal”. If you haven’t heard the news (broke at 3pm today) and are reading my blog instead to hear this (you’re pathetic) but the Pens acquired namely Marian Hossa, along with Pascal Dupuis from the […] Full article →


School & A Boat?

Definitely haven’t been updating my blog this month as much as I would have liked to have been. It seems that my holiday break in January from work & school really helped with the blog updating process! Class is still a killer, Database is just so intense, learning a lot of valuable tools I can […] Full article →


Dub V & House Search

I haven’t blogged for a while, and since RMU closed the entire University today, I was able to get my projects done this afternoon and have a free night! Ian, Nick, Leber, & I hit up WVU this past weekend. And as Leber planned……somebody died! Well, not exactly, but yes sort of. Haha, well Nick […] Full article →