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Random Info

I thought I’d make 2 separate posts here for 2 separate topics today. Topic #2: Random stuff happening..

  • Spring 08 semester for Grad School starts again this weekend. I’m doubling-up on classes because I officially had my Academic Advisor add me into a 2nd Master’s program. So now I’m going for 2 Master’s degree’s in half the time (I’m crazy…I know!). I’m going for “Information Security & Assurance” and “Internet Information Systems”.
  • Ian “The Man” Lanning (who officially obtained his first career starting position today at Ariba, Inc. downtown) and I are meeting w/ a leasing agent for a house on 6.25 acres of land in Greentree on Wednesday. The house is a 5 bedroom house built roughly around 1829 by Judge Thomas Mellon (yes…the originator of Mellon Bank). There’s an inground pool, bunk house, as well as other sweet things that would make this place the ultimate bachelor pad for us 2 as well as Mr. Nick Scelsi and even possibly Josh aka “Big Cat” Wilhelm”!
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