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Italian Memories

So, a lot of things have reminded me of my time in Italy recently. One of my friend’s cousins is going to A.U.R., where I attended school in Roma. She was asking me questions regarding the school & the city & the aparments. And also a few coworkers were asking me some questions about my time there and ohhhh how it brough back the memories!

My time in Roma was one of the most impacting periods of my life on me. My aspirations in life were really thought about over there, new interests were gained while there, other interests were solidified while I was there because I was far away from many common things to me. Roma changed me for the better, and I cannot help but to always think about my time there! I was reading a current gentlemen’s blog online today who currently attends A.U.R. and it was so neat to hear about how thigns are going over there. The lifestyle in Roma is so unique! As this man pondered, where in the world besides a few other select cities can you hold conversations in multiple languages in one night?! Now, I’m not claiming that I’m a multilingul guy (I probably spelled that English word wrong anyways), but we talked to people while there that spoke many languages and they said different phrases to us in their language and things like that. But the main point that I’m trying to get across is that Roma is such a melting pot of people. Of course the the main ethnicity/nationality is Roman – Italian, but you meet so many other types of people. One of the things I learned while in Roma was to not only accept other types of cultures and people, but to learn about them! Not only does this make you a better person for it, the things you learn just astounds you and it’s just remarkable. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I guess all I can say is that you have to experience it for yourself!

I found this picture online, a favorite stop of the RMU Boys (and Jason’s….ask him about it, haha!). This photo brings back some good memories!

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