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January 2006

Trip to Tuscany and More!

Well, I’ve been here for about 2 weeks now and we just wrapped up our 2nd weekend as well. I must say, I’m loving this city and country! The first few days brought us culture shock to the extreme, and each day we experience something new (duhhh) but I just love being here! I feel like I’ve been on a vacation…about a 2 week vacation and I’m going home soon. But then reality sets in again and I realize that I’m actually going to be here for about 4 months still! I think this is what really hasn’t hit me 100% yet, the fact I still have 4 more months in Italy! Something I’m really excited about that I discussed with my dad on the phone yesterday is my Italian language skills. I’ve already learned so much in just 2 short weeks. I can just imagine how much I will be able to say and use when I leave. I’m trying my best to learn everything and I’m not afraid to make mistakes with my pronunciations. I would love to come back here for leisure or business and be able to truly use this experience to my benefit!


Art of Rome Class Experience

A little bit ago I just got done with my Art of Rome class with Josh and Mikey. Now when I say get out of class, I mean left the Pantheon because our class is always held on site! Yes, each week we go to a different location in Roma and discuss the art, architecture, […] Full article →


A Day in Roma…

Well, our first weekend is almost wrapped up here in Roma. I’m waiting for the rest of the guys to get ready and then we’re out to go watch the Steelers play in the AFC Championship game! Yesterday we went with the ‘Burg girls to the school for a BBQ and then we headed out […] Full article →


In Roma!

Here it goes…..I’m going to attempt to give you a quick blurb about the first 2 days here in Roma! Well, while landing, we could see the shores of Italy….and for being colorblind, I’ve heard that I’ve never seen such blue waters in my life! So pretty amazing! Anyways, we got off the plane and […] Full article →