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In Roma!

Here it goes…..I’m going to attempt to give you a quick blurb about the first 2 days here in Roma!

Well, while landing, we could see the shores of Italy….and for being colorblind, I’ve heard that I’ve never seen such blue waters in my life! So pretty amazing! Anyways, we got off the plane and ventured through baggage and customs and found our way out. The AUR people where there waiting for us and we checked-in at a desk but had to wait around for 3 hours! They were putting us on buses based on where our apartments were and wanted to get every roommate to the apartment at the same time! Well, our 4th roommate didn’t arrive for 3 hours after our flight, so we had to sit around and wait for him. Now, yes we were around LOTS of beautiful women, but after being awake for too long, we were cranky and wanted to get on with the day. Finally, Dave our 4th roommate arrived, as well as other people all on the same flight and our bus was able to leave. We were exhausted but the bus ride was only about 30 minutes so we were able to manage. We got to our apartment at about 4:30 and we weren’t too pleased. Now, we were expecting American ammenities, HA…we finally got our Culture Shock. There was no carpeting, heating could have been better, the Internet wasn’t working yet, you had to lite the stove with a match, we didn’t have a huge fridge compared to the States…we were just not ready!

Interestingly enough, we fell asleep after being there for 30 minutes and then woke up at about 10:30pm! We were all starving, so we decided to venture out into Roma for the first time! Now, not much was open, but we came across a Pub behind our building. They didn’t speak English there, but we were able to order cheeseburgers and a pint of beer rather quickly. After talking around the pub for a few hours we went back to the apartment and unpacked. After I unpacked and was already in bed, the elder Italian man from beneath us yelled at my other 2 roommates for making noise at 2:30am (I guess they can really hear us through the walls)! The guys apologized and then we just hit the sack.

We woke up the 2nd day and decided to go shopping. We took about an hour but managed through the SMA….Supermarcado….Italian grocery store, which is 3 blocks down the road. We got everything we believe we’ll need for a few weeks and below our building is an outdoor market. We plan on stopping there today to buy some fruits and veggies for some salads! Now, after the SMA adventure, we registered with the police at the University, AUR. Once there, we met up with some girls that we knew from home and decided to go out. There girls stopped over that evening and we all walked across the historic Tiber River and went about 2 blocks. Here we found a bar named “On the Rox”. They played American sports on TV and the manager told me that they would be playing the Steelers game on Sunday! We found what we were looking for! We stuck around here for a few hours, all having a great time and then all 9 of us decided to walk back across the river home. We then stopped into Bere Birra (the pub from the night before) and that owner remembered me and ushered us all in, as well as some people we saw walking along the road. It was about midnight but we all just sat around and relaxed. It was a great time, and then we left to sleep our night away! From there I woke up and wrote all of you this amazing story for this Site!

Well, it’s 10am here and we don’t need to be up for another 2 hours. So I’m going back to sleep, getting up and then going to our first day of Orientation…….Chao!

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