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Art of Rome Class Experience

A little bit ago I just got done with my Art of Rome class with Josh and Mikey. Now when I say get out of class, I mean left the Pantheon because our class is always held on site! Yes, each week we go to a different location in Roma and discuss the art, architecture, etc. Now, the class isn’t just that easy, we have assignments, readings, and papers due. However, when in class today, I definetely realized this will be our favorite, even with the work!

The professor is a Columbia PHD who’s lived here for 18 years and designed the entire Art of Rome courses at AUR. Now, I personally, and Mikey and Josh are not very “artsy” guys. However, our professor was so enthusiastic and passionate about what he was talking about, that enthusiasm transferred directly to us. The things we learned about the Pantheon, from the history to the construction were fascinating! Did you know Rafeal (the one referred to in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is buried in the Pantheon? It’s information like this and the information about the construction and architecture that is so amazing to us! The class is 3 hours long and during the middle of class, the professor told us that we would always take a 10 minute coffee break. He took us around the bend to a non-tourist spot for some “real Roman cappuncino”! Now, I’m not a huge coffee fan and what not, but this stuff was so good Mikey and I went back after class for more! And it was cheap too, 80 euro cents (that’s about 1 American dollar).

So after class, Josh caught the train back to AUR for a class he had in a half hour. Mikey and I decided to tour a little bit. Now where we live is mainly apartments and living areas. However, we were in the heart of Rome and the roads where short and narrow with cobblestone streets! All I can say is, I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA. We vowed we would be back to just take pictures and put online. We walked down streets, came across an awesome market area selling produce and clothing and etc. All the shops were open selling jewelry to clothing to shoes to towels. We also ate lunch at a small Bar. Now in Rome, when you say Bar it’s not like an American Bar. An American style bar in Rome is called a Pub. A Bar in Roma is more translated to relaxation and they serve usually pizza, sandwhiches, and other light foods as well as drinks: coffee, juices, teas, pop, beer. So Mikey and I sat down and he had pizza and I had one great plate of rigatoni! We left the Bar and began walking back down Trestevere (our street) and had to walk across the Tiber. The bridge in which we crossed was right above the island Isola Tiberina. So we decided to walk down below the bridge and next to the mighty Tiber River. And when I say mighty, I mean it…this water was moving! We walked back up the street and Mikey headed to class and I came back to the apartment to write this great Blog.

After today’s class, I just enjoyed it so much, I had to write about it! I bet I’ll be writing again next Wednesday as well because we have to meet at a Coffee Bar across from the Roman Forum for that day’s class! This time I’ll be bringing my camera! Ciao!

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