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Times Are A Changin’

Well, a month and a half into February 2010 and it’s the start of a radical change for me.  After living, being educated, and working for almost 7 years at Robert Morris University (RMU), I’m moving on.  It’s been a good ride but it’s time, tomorrow, things will change.

I started searching for a college like most high school seniors and thinking that it would be somewhere FAR AWAY FROM HOME.  Ha…ohh how things work out.  To make a long story short, RMU was never on my list of schools until my Alumni father mentioned the school’s beautiful campus and hockey program.  After some pushing and mental anguish at first, the rest is history; they offered me a good International Honors Program package, some time overseas (which took enticing from my mom), and hockey.  Well, I studied in Rome, Italy, graduated w/ a Minor in International Studies, captained 3 hockey teams, and worked hard at and earned 2 free Masters Degrees.  I guess you can’t beat that for just driving down the road!

*It would only be fair to mention that not all things were roses.  My Sophomore year I did have an Application to Penn State University filled out and ready to be mailed in.  Obviously that never came to fruition.

So, after these almost 7 years, what was installed to me while at RMU, to pursue my dreams and passions, I’m leaving the school to further my career, whereas it would not have been as possible at RMU.  I’ll be doing what should be much more advanced work, challenging me, something I really need.  I’ll also be supported in my quest to learn more, outside of the traditional university classroom, through other various training means, even getting to travel to a few conferences if I’m lucky!  While RMU as a whole was a great experience, some of the work atmosphere left much to be desired, one aspect that did lead to this change/decision.  But, with saying that, I had 2 great supervisors (one in the Help Desk and another in Applications) during my time there who gave me every opportunity to grow in my profession and I’ll forever be thankful!

Well, thanks Bobby Mo, I surly won’t be a stranger, and hopefully, I can recommend a few students your way!


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