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Life’s Equaling The Status Quo

Haven’t posted in a couple weeks (other than the automatic Twitter posts that post to the site).  Can’t say anything too extreme or crazy has been going on, a few small adventures here and there, but otherwise, just keeping Status Quo, which has been a good thing.

A few of the highlights I can speak of include:

  • The week of October 5th, mom and I went to Florida for a wedding.  My 3rd cousin (Mom’s cousin’s daughter) got married and there were other 2nd & 3rd cousins there.  Some of them I’d never met and some I already knew.  Our family is some of the last immediate family here in Pittsburgh, my bro and I haven’t met much of the family.  So, it was really my first time meeting my 3rd cousin’s Jenny (the Bride) and her sister Michelle (Maid of Honor).Jenny-Wedding 020I also meet for the 1st time since I was about 4, one of my 3 first cousin’s (Mom’s brother’s sons) from Utah, Ryan. That was a good experience getting to know him.  Additionally, mom and I made it up to see my dad’s parents north of Orlando, and then to The Villages, northwest of Orlando, to visit mom’s friends and some more family.  Overall, a nice trip for us, just to take a breather from the Burgh and see family, something we don’t experience much of here.
  • Went to Penn State (State College, PA) last weekend w/ 2 other founding members of the J-Crew (ole high school buddies)!  We went up and saw the PSU – Minnesota football game (my first time in Beaver Stadium….awesome experience & a good 20-0 win for the Nittany Lions!) and visited w/ some girls, 1 being my buddies newly acquired girlfriend (Rumor has it she only invited him up to force him into a relationship, but shhhh, we can’t let him know she tricked him like that!).
  • I also made it to my first Pens game this season (not including the pre-season game my bro Jason and I went to) with my dad this past week.  We saw a great 5-1 win.  The Pens are really rolling right now, they look great!  I got to rock my new Lemieux jersey.  It’s an old school jersey, circa the ’90 – ’92 seasons, I’m pretty stoked about that!
  • Lastly, solved a minor technical mystery regarding this WordPress powered site.  My archive pages were only showing the number of posts I set in the Settings –> Reading page of the Admin section.  Which was fine, however, I wanted the Home Page to act differently and only show 1.  Well, with the use of this great tool called Aardvark, I found a resolution.  It’s a type of Social Networking site in which you asks questions you can’t typically find easily via a search engine.  The service then asks other people using the system that have stated they have a interest in or a strong understanding of the topic your asking a question about, and those folks get back to you in about 5 minutes or less!  I had a few great responses and I ended up finding this link.  Anyways, with Aardvark, you can ask any question about any topic: sports, tech, cultures, education, food, travel, etc.  It’s great because you get a diverse set of answers and sometimes you find more than you were looking for!  Be sure to try it out!

Well, time to go.  I wanted to get this post up, but I’m going to try and throw a few pics up in a bit or later tonight.  Stay tuned!

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