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What I’m Saying on Twitter for 2009-08-26

  • Heading downtown this morning to conduct some training on a web app I recently built for RMU. #
  • Just saw a guy riding a unicycle uphill, impressive. #
  • Want to become a computer expert in minutes, study this chart: http://xkcd.com/627/ (via @iwparker) #
  • RT @iwparker: You, too, can become the local computer expert. How? It's easy! http://xkcd.com/627/ #
  • For you Transformer lovers out there – http://bit.ly/QmRCk #
  • RMU is busy with students back. Happy I'm done! Never looked so forward to Saturday & Sunday football games! And now a possible PSU trip!?! #
  • Best of the best! *VIDEO, great song by some of your fav Christian artists! "By His Wounds" from Glory Revealed Tour – http://is.gd/2xYrU #
  • just finished up some more Rick Steve's Italy travel videos, quality stuff! #
  • Back at the church doing a major worship center computer overhaul. #
  • Just heard the song Big House by Audio Adrenaline on KLove in the car, some good stuff there! #
  • It's the week of Tour de Greenville……….YES! #
  • RT @RMUnews: Scampagnata Italiana 2009, http://tinyurl.com/mndnr7 #
  • just finished reading Tony Dungy's "Quiet Strength". Took me 4 days, but only 3 days of reading, that GOOD!!! #
  • sometimes I think that it would be helpful if I could identify my colors #
  • At the church, setting up the new Worship Center computer, hopefully will have it ready for 1st service tomorrow! #
  • Friday night playoff hockey game, haven't done this in a while, God I love this sport! #
  • Bobby Mo starts classes for the Fall Term on Monday, cost = $8000. Knowing that I'm done/graduated/finished, cost = PRICELESS! #
  • Borrowed Tony Dungy's "Quiet Strength" from church library, was going to read, then Windows 7's partition table blew up…. #
  • ……….and the City of Pittsburgh is holding its breath. #
  • Worked RMU's IT freshmen move-in table this morning, incoming freshman told me he knew more bout Internet than me. I laughed heartily! #
  • Hofbrahaus for Moms birthday dinner. #
  • #Safari on Wednesday, August 18 = FAIL. I switch tabs w/ Pandora playing in the old tab and the music stops! #
  • The Rivers Casino to lower Steelers Game Day parking to non-casino vistors – http://bit.ly/4iQwCM #
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