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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …

What I’m Saying on Twitter for 2009-08-19

  • Why would anybody willingly hand over information about compensation & finances to the govt.? – http://is.gd/2or0q #
  • Trying to choose a Pens Mini-Plan, who do I hate more than Philly to want to watch them lose?! #
  • RT @problogger: Paypal have doubled their fees and are saying it is more useful for users!?! http://bit.ly/3ciVg #
  • Toby Keith to open his "I Love This Bar and Grill" in Pittsburgh's Southside Works in late 2010 next to the Hofbrauhaus – http://is.gd/2n2u9 #
  • Pittsburgh iPhone App – iBurgh – report those potholes! – http://is.gd/2mKqL #
  • RT @JMalecki: Interesting breakdown of different types of headaches RT @ManageMigraines: Where's your headache at? http://bit.ly/wqmbX #
  • watching some Rick Steve's Italy #
  • hahaha "The All-Knowing Rep. Eric Mass (D-NY)" – http://is.gd/2lrqA #
  • Pics – "Best Places to See The Pittsburgh Skyline" – some people's opinion – http://is.gd/2l7aX #
  • Here's the official link to CBS' "Three Rivers" – promo VIDEOS – http://bit.ly/mJRIe #
  • I didn't know this, but CBS has medical drama premiering Oct. 4 called "Three Rivers". Guess where it's filmed at?! – http://is.gd/2l5Vz #
  • Microsoft Windows needs a disclaimer on how many apps can run at once. Even low memory intense apps (or so I thought) crash XP. #
  • My colleague just walked in, asked if it was Friday yet. Fantastic! #
  • borrowed the Rick Steve's Italy Cities & Italy's Countryside DVD (w/ a few other countries like Israel). Travel geek right here! #
  • Now they're getting somewhere w/ health care reform – http://is.gd/2k3Hc #
  • Watching The Rookie, the story of Jim Morris making it to the Big Leagues, I love baseball movies! #
  • Driving Range with dad. #
  • Off to a Shady Side of town! #
  • Buccos drop another to Cubs, lost 16 of past 19 games. #
  • RT @Y108CountryCrew: RT @Zekeland Fallen Heroes Ride Pittsburgh http://yfrog.com/5fuwdlj #
  • Why did I willingly just watch yesterday's Pirates – Cubs highlights? For 2.4 seconds, I questioned my fanhood of the Pirates….. #
  • Just finished watching "We Are Marshall". It told a great story, good movie to check out! #
  • Follwup to my Pitt post regarding Cardinal alumni visiting, @james_shields sent me a new article, http://is.gd/2h5BJ, L. Fitzgerald did go! #
  • #Pittsburgh #Pirates down 17 – 2 vs. #Chicago #Cubs in 7th inning, you're a real winner Bob Nutting, way to run a ball club over the years! #
  • Where the good times rolled, RMU F4! – http://twitpic.com/dvs5h #
  • Coach Wannstedt invited Palko, Stephens-Howling, & Hayes to speak to Panthers, but not L. Fitzgerald to join also? Odd. http://is.gd/2gVgj #
  • How hard is it to say, "I don't know" Robert Gibbs? Nobody's blaming you. woowww – http://is.gd/2gTZR #
  • Dont condone violence, do appreciate 2nd Amend to thwart govt infringement. http://is.gd/2gROc =extreme but shows ppl run country not a Pres #
  • Going tubing on the Clarion River in a few weeks, I'm mentally preparing myself – http://is.gd/2fCT0 #
  • 2 & 4 months after Pens & Steelers became Champs, Steelers begin quest tonight, great time to be a Pittsburgher! Bucs dont even spoil this! #
  • Windows 7 RC is ok so far, but no virtual desktops! Virtual Dimension is a great 3rd party app for Windows XP, Vista, 7 – http://is.gd/2echJ #
  • RT @james_shields: My little bro & cousin interviewed by WPXI about the new Kennywood roller coaster. Video here http://tinyurl.com/nfch4m #
  • Just popped an entire sheet of bubble wrap. It was awesome. #
  • RT @traveldudes: Geography Fail http://url4.eu/DYdV that Egypt fail says it all. I guess the States aren't in war with Iraq anymore. #
  • Kennywood coaster followup *VIDEO*!! – http://bit.ly/16C5sK #
  • Kennywood news, The Turnpike will be moving, say hello to a new 50 mph coaster – http://bit.ly/3TMni #
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