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Health Care – Band-Aides Fall Off Before You’re Healed

So, as expected, the new US Presidential Administration is really pushing their agenda through and nobody can accuse them of slacking off:  Stimulus Bill & the related Economic Crises, Sotomayor Appointment Hearings, War on Terror (or the Overseas Contingency Operations), and Health Care.  Quite a bit of work in just a few months.  However, we can debate the means and ends to all of these pieces charted by the Democratic lead Congress and President.  Therefore, well will!  Our topic of choice, spurred from a Twitter to Facebook Status Update Conversation, is Health Care!

The topic obviously turned into a debate but it was interesting and calm, however, as many debates can go, it got somewhat rambling.  So here’s what I’m going to try and do.  First, I want to lay out the issues that I’ve heard from others and perceive to be problems with the current state of our Health Care in the US, and then provide my means to fix them and why they’re correct and not others.

*Disclaimer* I’m by no means a health care expert or experienced policy maker.  I won’t get into any nitty-gritty details, but I’ll share what I think we should try and improve on and how.

So here are the assumptions and issues I believe to be at the heart of the Health Care debate:

  1. Some American’s can’t afford care whatsoever.
  2. Some American’s can afford care, however legitimate medical procedures are denied because they can’t afford the “right” coverage.

I believe that sums up why so many people believe Health Care is a major issue.  It is believed to be a major issue because, as a country, we are so rich, it’s perceived that no American’s should be without care, some even saying a God given right.  Therefore, because of this, it needs to be fixed ASAP so that no more American’s are denied the treatments they need.

Now that last paragraph is where I believe the debate initially ignites.

Let us remember, we/us/I American’s as a whole, have the best care, best doctors, medical centers, etc. in the world.  Why do we have the best care in the world?  Well, we foster learning, research, compensation & prestige of our medical professionals.  We encourage young people to go into medical careers because of the social, moral, and compensatory rewards given to doctors.

Next, we feel that because we’re so rich with such good care, we need to extend this care to all American’s.  A noble thought and goal.  However, by placing an immediate, pass ASAP, band-aide bill in Congress, so that we can say all American’s are covered, is not a true solution.

Our goals should be:

  1. Extend coverage to all Americans
  2. Demand self responsibility from all Americans
  3. Not force any one social class to be responsible for any others
  4. Keep all health decisions in the private sector, without government intervention

By passing the immediate band-aide, yes, I believe some American’s will receive the treatment they need right away, without a major effect on those already capable of receiving the same treatment.  Not too bad, I’d love to see this happen.  However, a 5 – 10 year band-aide will wear off.

As our population continues to grow, those with previous care will begin to experience new conditions, and will then be needing care.  This extra care will extensively tax the health field, causing the absurdly long waits found in other countries such as Canada and vastly across Europe (hmmm, wonder why foreigners come to the US for care?)  By overtaxing a government run system (regardless of how in depth or limited) the health care industry’s costs will rise.  If we do any type of government run system, not only will costs rise, but taxes (personal, industry) will rise as well.

Some will say, well that’s okay giving up more money, we’ll all be healthy, and can live life.  Truth is, our care will be so diminished due to wait times, an overtaxed medical field won’t grow (do you truly believe as many young people will want to join the health field for less pay, and overbearing work?), causing our health care to diminish, as well as our funds to live life.

So here’s my proposals:

  1. Keep Health Care private
  2. Limit the middlemen in the health fields
  3. Give higher incentives to industries offering employees health benefits

By keeping all health care initiatives in the private sector, we leave all government politics out of our health decisions, which always cause monetary waste.  Let’s speed up (very responsibly!) the time drugs and procedures can get to market by reducing the bureaucracy and middlemen from taking financial cuts from our health bills.  And lastly, lets given industries higher incentives (tax reductions) to those who offer a high quality set of standards of health benefits.

These and other similar measures will grow the health care field and reduce overall costs to all Americans without taxation to cover others.  If you feel health care should be “free” to those that can’t afford care, we can set up foundations to pay for this care (it’d be more effective than govt. allotment of monies).  I’d rather give for a specific cause and/or person and determine what portions of my money I’d like to donate where.  I personally do not want to be forced to give into somewhere…especially if I work hard to earn a high income but be taxed higher for causes I deem inappropriate.

So take note:

  • I favor care for all Americans
  • I favor the right of individual choice, in health decisions, and where individuals spend their earned income

* Please, feel free and leave your thoughts.  I’m open to debate.  Like I mentioned before, I’m no expert, if there are points I missed, better means to reach my above stated goals, I’m eager to hear!

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