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Remember When You Instant Messaged!

This may be an age thing, but do you remember when you used to Instant Message (IM).  I mean really IMed!  Such as coming home from school, having 11 AIM windows open (before the days of a tabbed window), talking to all your friends for an hour before dinner, then having your set time of night, mine was about 9pm, when you’d jump online after the homework was done and talk some more!  Remember those days?

That’s my point….do you remember how IM was such a crucial part of your life?  

instant-messengersWe still use IM….and it’s not just AIM anymore, there’s ICQ, Pidgin, Yahoo & Google’s clients, even Facebook has a client!  We even use IM in the work place. I still chat every now and then, but now it’s usually only to the same 2-3 people.  Instant Messaging just doesn’t seem to be what it used to be.  It still has a very appropriate place in this world of online communications, but, at least to me, IM doesn’t appear to be the #1 tool of electronic communication.  We now have Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, text messaging, cell phones, and e-mail usage has grown all over the past 6 years or so.

It seems that each different arena of online communication has caught it’s own niche.  Our lives, due to the mobile community we all share, seem to have just become so fast paced, that we can’t IM anymore with the frequency we used to.  It’s a great tool, but we’re always on the move, we can’t catch our friends waiting behind a monitor looking to IM.  We have cell phones now, we text as if we’re instant messaging, but because our daily plans change so quickly, our IM-like texting doesn’t last hours such as 6 years ago when IMing was the “thing”.

What actually prompted this post was an Away Message my buddy, aka The Kid, formerly of Pittsburgh, now of Chicago, left on his AIM client last evening.  It said something to the drift of:

About time I put up an Away Message, is it me or do we not IM like we used to?

But how true does this ring to you?  For me, it’s very true and very hilarious; all my old IM Buddies are still online, even though I haven’t talked to some in probably these past 6+ years!  I still put up my Away Message with what I’m doing or something clever, and I even use my “Chillen Out Maxin’, Relaxin’ All Cool … ” message that used to get people leaving me the final verses of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel’Air!

So what’s the moral of this whole post?  I don’t want you to go and shut down AIM, I won’t be.  I’m not even cleaning up my Buddy List….I’m still nebby and want to read what people are up to.  However, I just thought, thanks to The Kid, that it’d be interesting to get others thinking about how the culture of communication has changed so drastically, especially over the past 6 years!  So keep on chattin’ and be sure to share any new ways of communicated I didn’t mention here!

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  • Maggie Skacan April 1, 2009, 10:27 pm

    I still use AIM (in the form of iChat) and more recently, skype. sometimes it's still the fastest and cheapest means of communication. Never will I abandon my buddy list, and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    • wjfuoco April 3, 2009, 6:09 pm

      Admittedly, I have yet to try out Skype! When I was in Rome, a lot of my friends were using it, but I just didn't, stuck w/ the phone or AIM….I probably should have though! And I also agree, IMing is indeed fast and cheap, two qualities everybody likes and will always like! I can't wait till Apple pushes AIM messages to the iPhone!