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February 2009

So I was driving home from church this morning and the Audio Adrenaline song Get Down came on across my CD changer. Now, I’ve heard the song plenty of times, but I don’t think I really ever “heard” it before. Here is the line that caught me…


Pens Fire Therrien

Well, much commentary has been posted about the Pens 08-09 season’s woes on this site. Therefore, the lastest news coming from the Steel City is that Head Coach Michel Therrien has been fired. Therrien is being replaced by WB/S head coach Dan Byslma as an interim head coach. Byslma currently has a 35-16-1-2 record coaching […] Full article →


The Pens Mr. Good Wing

Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had a article in the PG Sports section today, Hunt continues for Crosby’s winger, regarding what most of Pittsburgh and Crosby followers have been wondering now for almost 3 years: When will Sid get a winger? This seems to be a very popular question, especially in these trying times […] Full article →


Superbowl XLIII Parade

“Here We Go….Steelers, Here We Go…….Pittsburgh Won The Superbowl!” WOOHHHOOO!!!! Steeler Nation – Sixburgh just had the Superbowl XLIII Parade and I got the pictures and videos ready! The parade was great! The players were going crazy, many crazy sites Bovy and I saw: Tomlin going absolutely crazy! A Shirt-less Casey Hampton (if you dare, […] Full article →