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College Club Athletic Teams on the Rise

Washington Monument - Richmond Rumble

And the awesomeness of Twitter prevails once again! If you’ve been talking to me in the past month you’d have known that I joined Twitter and sing the praises of the wealth of information people are sharing across it. The latest link to come across is from @RMUnews“Rise of College Club Teams Creates a Whole New Level of Success” by Bill Pennington of the New York Times.

I highly encourage you to read this article if you know anything about any College Club Sports, are looking into playing a College Sport, or enjoy ameteur athletics.

Bill sings the praises of Club sports at the intercollegiete level. What he does so well is to emphasis the lifestyle of a club sport athlete. He mentions the financial costs, the social lifestyles, and what I think many people misunderstand about Club sports, the highly competitive nature of the respective sports! Yes, the level of competition is not typically as high as a traditional DI program, however, the still high club competition, comradere, financial obligations, and educational obligations (just to name a few), are all aspects that epitimize what the college experience for any student truly means. Many of the lessons I learned in the Club sport atmosphere could never be experienced through a Varsity program (don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing Varsity sports, just emphasizing the benefits that Club Sports are capable of bringing about).

So check out the article: “Rise of College Club Teams Creates a Whole New Level of Success”!

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