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a bit of thought from a guy and his girl, "Standing Before the Face of God" …

Mr. President-Elect

Well, Senator Obama won the election (if you were living under a rock). I can’t say that I’m too enthusiastic about our country’s decision. However, I won’t pour out my policy thoughts (unless you really want to hear them!). Though, I will make a few points regarding things I noticed.

One, I’m glad our country (for the vast majority of people) has been able to elect a bi-racial candidate to the land’s highest office. Well done America!

Two, I’m glad to see that many people still hold to the traditional & conservative values that has defined America for always holding her virtues. This is defined through the many ballot referendums on social issues which were voted on across the individual states!

Three, I believe it is evident that the Republican Party (or Republicanism), not conservatism, is what failed in this election. The message of conservatism was not broadcast well from the Republican Party’s lead candidates. I believe this to be true, not just through my observation of the campaign’s across the country, but more through individuals I’ve listened to over the past year, many I’ve known for years. Many of these people are young, extremelly bright, self-motivated, hard working, and morally stout. However, many of these people set aside these very ideals that I’ve come to know has defined them, many tentatively and with great contemplation, but all for a change that has the deep potential to change/shift this country in a direction many would not hope for.

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