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“Road to Victory Rally” – John McCain Rally – RMU – Sewall Center

Well, I’ve never been to a political event such as this before, so I definetely wanted to see what it was all about. One of those “goals” in life that I’ve set for myself is to listen to a Presidential speech or a former President speak. So I guess you can say this is one step closer! As for the Rally itself, it was pretty good. Weird seeing the Sewall Center filled with so many non-RMU people though! But, it was exciting for sure; people cheering before, during, and after the speech. The speech itself was the typcial talking points, nothing real new that I noted, but none the less a fun and unique experience! I took some videos and posted one below with a link to the entire group, so check those out and also some pictures. Now the pictures aren’t very good, it was so hard trying to focus, the lighting was terrible and I was half way back, but what can you do!?!

More McCain Rally Videos…

McCain Rally Pictures…


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