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Site Design Ideas

Well, holding true to my slacking ways, I haven’t updated since May, terrible I know! But I have some good ideas in the mix. If you saw, I changed the home page a bit. I also got rid of the “Info” page. I don’t need that any more, it was just a waste of typing. But I added a Photo Album! I’ve been hunting high and low for a good album to use and turns out, I had an old application from years ago! I got the newest version, it’s called JAlbum, and installed it. Allows me to add descriptions, thumbnails, different skins for each album, should be great!

I’m also thinking about getting rid of the home page, even though I redid it a little bit. Rather than a home page, I’ll just make this blog page the main landing page. However, I need to spruce it up a bit, maybe more colors, a little more lively? Any thoughts would be great (I’m a developer, not a designer!)! I found a free blog template with a database where users can write comments. So I’m going to test that out for a while, see how I like it. If it works out nicely, I may give it a whirle!

Like I said, I have many new ideas, but taking 5 classes this semester and working full time may limit what I can upgrade. Hopefully I keep the albums going, but be sure to check them out here!

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