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Steeler’s Lose to Jags

The Steelers lost last night to the Jag’s in the Wild Card game. Besides them playing lousey for the 1st 3 quarters, they had an impressive 4th quarter to retake the lead. Their 2nd to last drive blew the game for them and my unofficial, never-before-played organized football assessment was that the coaches lost the game due to that series. They ran the ball….all 3 downs, and had a 3rd and 6 and Ben ran. They threw the ball the entire 4th quarter and weren’t stopped. Why not run the 1st 2 downs and throw for the 6 yards on the 3rd down and keep the drive going? Oh well, like I said, I’m no football expert, but I def. think that series was the capstone series that could have held the victory.

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