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Ready for Spring Break

Almost 2 months in Roma now! Talk about the time flying. We just finished up with Midterm exams this week and I’m still trying to comprehend why I took them so seriously!?! I acted like they were Finals and busted my butt, I’m on a 4 month vacation, I should have been lazy, especially since all my grades are Pass/Fail!!! Anyways, still shooting for straight B’s.

Anyways, Jason comes to visit tomorrow! We’re all pumped about that! Happy to see a familiar/new face around AND he’s bringing a suitcase full of candy for us! This kid his going to have the time of his life too. How many people arrive in Roma on their birthday which starts off Spring Break for both of us and then gets to travel to Paris and Munich!? Seriously now, he’s a freshmen in college and will be 19 years old, I’m even jealous of him and I’ll be with him!

So for Spring Break, we’re going to take an all night train up to Paris. Check out the city for about 14 hours. Then take another all night train to Munich, Germany! We’re staying in the #6 hostel in the world! It seriously looks like a hotel and should DEFINETELY be a whole lot better than Florence and even Venice! Me, Jason, Big Josh, and Mikey will be in Munich for 2 days. We’re also going to visit Dachau. This should be a very interesting experience that I doubt any of us will forget. It’s one of the most famous Concentration/Labor/Death camps from the Nazi regime during WWII. It’s only about 20-30 minutes outside of Munich and there’s a shuttle bus there, so we’re going to hop on that one of the two days we are there. Then on Wednesday night, we’re going to take another all night train (all of our night trains are sleepers, so we have beds and everything!) back to Roma. We should get back into Roma Thursday morning. So Jason will have a good 2 more days to experience the SWEETNESS of Roma before he leaves back for the States on Saturday morning!

Ohhhhh the fun we’re going to have this next week (I have 11 days of NOTHINGNESS because I don’t have Monday classes!!!)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL BRO!

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