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February 2006

Carnevale in Venice!

Ok, it’s official! Venice is by far the coolest place in the world! Where in the world are the streets water, cars are gondolas and other small boats, and it’s all Italian?!?! We spent our three day weekend in Venice experiencing Carnevale! Things just seemed to happen to go our way too this weekend, it […] Full article →



What a weekend! We finally busted out our European Rail passes and put them to real good use! We went to Torino for a day and then headed back south and stopped in Florence! We left Thursday night at midnight and took an all night train and got into Torino at about 8am for the […] Full article →

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New Place

Well, for us 4 guys here in Roma, it sure has been an interesting week since my last posting! First off…The Steelers won the Superbowl! But, I already made my comments about that on the front page! However, it was a fun night for us all. The game didn’t start till 12:30am here so needless […] Full article →


Sites Around Roma

Hello again! Yesterday was a pretty cool evening for us. We FINALLY went to the Trevi Fountain! We took advice from the masses and went there at night. And let’s just say it was definetely good advice! At night, with the lights reflecting off the water, the walls, statues, columns, everything, it was beautiful! If […] Full article →