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Sites Around Roma

Hello again! Yesterday was a pretty cool evening for us. We FINALLY went to the Trevi Fountain! We took advice from the masses and went there at night. And let’s just say it was definetely good advice! At night, with the lights reflecting off the water, the walls, statues, columns, everything, it was beautiful! If you haven’t noticed, the word “beautiful” seems to be a central them in my blogs here. This city is beautiful! It took me a few days to realize this, after sifting through some garbaged littered streets, but that’s a city for you. Once you get by that, everything is just….beautiful! We also got some amazing gelati (ice cream) and walked past the ruins of Hadrian’s Temple. We also ended up going through The Pantheon piazza again. Nothing was open but just something about the area captivated you and commanded you to stop and take in the Roman air for a bit. There was a man playing some music on the Pantheon porch and we all just hung out there, and Jess and I took a seat on the steps opposite the man. It was so nice to just relax, listen to some music and just hang out peacefully with your friends. For a city that is so busy during the day, at night you can really just wind down.

Today, we decided to just go on a random afternoon walk like we did last night. We ended up going to Piazza Navona (where there used to be ancient chariot races, now it’s a popular tourist area for markets in the morning, and cafes in the evening). Artists were selling paintings in the middle of the piazza and they were amazing (unlike some of the things random street vendors sell)! We then ended up at the Castel Sant’ Angelo. We didn’t pay to go inside because we were more captivated with the fact that the Vatican were a few mere steps away. We didn’t go in either, we didn’t have the time and only Mikey had his camera (I’m stealing some of his pics so still check them out!). However, we walked around St. Peter’s square and took in the area. We left and were waiting for a bus that we “thought” would take us back to our street-tram. We met a few guys who were in town from Boston on a semester at sea and we told them we would direct them where to get going. Well, as the unofficial tour guide for our group, I got us lost…..miserably! The bus, that we all decided on I want to add, took us up a hill we didn’t want to go and we lost about 45 minutes! Luckily, nobody cared and we hoped off the bus and just went back to the Vatican (how cool is it to say that?!?!) and made our way back home for the day.

Tomorrow we’re going to check out the huge outdoor market in front of our apartment and then make some good Burgh food, prepping up for the Superbowl!!! We’re going to go to the same place we went for the AFC Championship game, but it won’t start here until about midnight. Oh well, I don’t have classes on Mondays!! For now, Ciao! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!

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