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Wiki Wiki!

Wiki Wiki!  (not to be confused with “Tchki Tchki!” as if you know you’re the coolest member of the Pittsburgh Penguins)


…..so yes, a Wiki.  As mentioned back in March, I had big plans and hopefully new ideas spurred from moving my site to WordPress.  Therefore, I’m happy to announce that I have plans to host a Tech Wiki.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I send out a good handful of tech links.  When I find a new tip or trick, I always love sharing that information for others to have.  Many times, I need that information again, but have unfortunately forgotten the link or concept.  Well, I think that with a Wiki, I can add tech notes & tips that I learn and come across, and be able to come back to them.  Hopefully, I can compile a nice sized database that others will be able to use as well.  I can’t promise that it’ll be all about one thing such as programming or databases or web security.  It’ll more than likely be a conglomerate of everything I dabble into.  So, if it can help me and help out a few others, then I think it’ll be worth it!

Be on the look out!

It’s here!  http://wiki.wjfuoco.com/

Any name ideas out there?!

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