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What I’m Saying on Twitter for 2009-09-02

  • Just putzed for a few hours with the Thesis theme, learned a nice bit for today, check out the new design: http://www.wjfuoco.com/ #
  • Now this is a good idea for Bobby Mo – Internal Communications Team at CMU – @CMUnews! #
  • Gmail, Server Errors across the board…………..ouch! #
  • Pittsburgh's own called up to the Big Leagues today #Pirateshttp://is.gd/2LAV2 #
  • Impressive! RT @michaelwsmith: 3 more songs written tonight at farm. Can hardly hit record fast enough. Wish it was like this all the time.. #
  • Senator Reid – be ashamed of yourself: http://www.lvrj.com/opinion/56171937.html #
  • PGH radio news, KLove bought 98.3 from Froggy, switched @ 11:55pm, find Froggy @ 104.3 or 105.5 ,,, WOOHHOO, KLove comes in clear now! #
  • RT @Alyssa_Milano: RT @dodgerthoughts: View of the fires from Dodger Stadium on Saturday http://bit.ly/2oEeK5 #
  • RMU Study Abroad Fair tomorrow! Be sure to stop by if you're an RMU student, one of the best decisions I ever made! – http://is.gd/2JnMD #
  • WE ARE ………. PENN STATE! College football is just a week away, this video will get you ready (if you aren't yet!) – http://is.gd/2Jjz5 #
  • You know you're a Pittsburgher when …. you start off your Monday morning w/ half a Primanti sandwich, delicious! #
  • An upgrade to Coram Deo was in order – http://www.wjfuoco.com/ – Now, let's see if I can find the time to use Thesis's full power! #
  • what a chilly day in the Burgh it was! #
  • "City of Champions" – 2010 Season Preview! – #Pens #Steelershttp://is.gd/2HQyD #
  • It's always a good time when you hang out with some ole college friends! #
  • It's a sit-around-saturday, too bad there's no college football games today…soon tho, soon! #
  • I like this PIttsburgh "Pirates shirt – http://is.gd/2EvqT (via @champyinz) #
  • WOW, can you say Big Brother, I mean Big Govt.? – http://bit.ly/g3UW0 #
  • Need some noise but don't want music or chatter, try "Simply Noise" – http://www.simplynoise.com/ #
  • Thoroughly disappointed about the recent Tour de Greenville developments….which is nothing! Now what to do this weekend? #
  • RMU apparently offers a class called "Stage Combat", not gonna lie, I'm a little bit intrigued. #
  • Just sorted a +1.1 million row column in Access, linking to an Oracle database. Good thing it was of type number, only took a few minutes! #
  • Worst Browser of History ……… WINNER!!! Internet Explorer (ALL VERSIONS!!!!) #
  • Montour Heights Country Club barn/locker room burns down – http://bit.ly/AyQUf #
  • Klingon anyone? RT @Vuze: Ten geekiest languages, says Wired. http://bit.ly/IbwkK #
  • Dang, I'm on this list… RT @james_shields: Are you one of the 12 most annoying types of Facebookers? – http://is.gd/2zZcs #
  • RMU Womens Hockey Alumni makes US National Team heading to Vancouver Olympics! – http://is.gd/2zYfa #
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