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What I’m Saying on Twitter for 2009-08-05

  • Listening – Casting Crowns-What If His People Prayed “What if the family turned to Jesus Stopped asking Oprah what to do” http://is.gd/23GtJ #
  • 5 people killed in LA Fitness in Collier Twp (Pittsburgh suburb) – http://bit.ly/2eIJw #
  • At church’s VBS learning the sound board & light board, takes me back to my WA Tech Crew days – http://twitpic.com/css22 #
  • American journalists jailed in North Korea have been pardoned! – http://is.gd/22AIG #
  • *PICS* of B. Clinton in North Korea, meeting w/ Kim Jong-Il – http://is.gd/22p9L #
  • Nothing but a single payer system, they want private insurance OUT – http://is.gd/22p1l #
  • Professor Emeritus at Hartford points out the actual number of “chronically uninsured” people is less than 10 million – http://is.gd/22oji #
  • Central Govt. Planning = Fail……..yesterday, today, & tomorrow – http://is.gd/22nWh #
  • #RMU basketball to play Pitt, Penn State, & Syracuse next season! – http://bit.ly/fobk1 #
  • #Pens Fan crashed Stanley Cup on-ice celebration!! – http://is.gd/22l5i #
  • What are people’s thoughts on the #Thematic #WordPress Theme? #
  • Great site for choosing WordPress Themes – http://www.bestwpthemes.com/ #
  • Google’s Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt, quits Apple’s board – http://bit.ly/rF91D #
  • Very interested to see the results from B. Clinton’s trip to North Korea, hope 2 Americans can be released, & it opens disarmament talks. #
  • I just wasted 30 minutes taking Facebook Quizzes, wow…. #
  • Watching Hulu – Dave Matthews GPS: http://bit.ly/VsJ7R #
  • RT @DaveCrawleyKDKA: Bucs trade 9 players.Time for prayers./How can this go on?/To prospects, I’ll tell: Don’t play too well,/’Cause onc … #
  • Obama explains how his health care plan will “Eliminate” private insurance! – http://is.gd/20vTm – Don’t say you were never warned! #
  • Retweeting @noahpurdy: @Lonewolfa13 Apple has been treating it’s developers like utter shit lately. http://bit.ly/qfi9Z http://bit.ly/YbYAR #
  • Look at them Buccos tonight, McCuthen rocking 3 HR’s! #Pirates #
  • For all those that love that tasty bake known as a Hostess Cupcake, be sure to watch the delicious wedding serenade! http://digg.com/u19oPw #
  • preparing the hostess cupcake video….. #
  • Good times at the D’Amico wedding, CONGRATS!!, now hanging out with the ole crew, love these people! #
  • RT @Dejan_Kovacevic: Deal done: Grabow/Gorzelanny to Cubs http://bit.ly/qRrqr #
  • The Beer Summit broken down…..by beer of course – http://bit.ly/3xB7zr #
  • been moving a few of my main email accts to #Gmail, really starting to get used to it & liking the tabbed conversation view for organization #
  • work, softball game, & maybe run to kohls for new dress shirt, but trying to avoid that, all black suit, not sure on shirt color yet tho? #
  • And this is where some of the “stimulus” money went – *Reader Beware* – *Mature Audiences Only* – http://is.gd/1UuCY #
  • So it’s Thursday today, but my Friday WOOHOO! Day off tomorrow to golf w/ the boys, then another one bites the dust (wedding tomorrow night) #
  • Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette says it best #Pirates fans, bad owner, GM desperately trying to win, how will it all unfold http://is.gd/1UmWu #
  • Now this doesn’t sound cool for iPhone users: http://bit.ly/wwHUe (via @PittsburghBex) #
  • I just saw our hockey team’s losing score was still on the scoreboard from last night, I’m not amused. #
  • RT @Dejan_Kovacevic: #Pirates Sanchez told to stay at AT&T Park rather than make scheduled flight to Phoenix tonight #
  • Retweeting @RMUnews: Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley share same ancestor: http://tinyurl.com/l6vpld #
  • Details on the Bucco trade of Jack Wilson – http://bit.ly/aoVd8
    (via @Dejan_Kovacevic) #
  • RT @Dejan_Kovacevic: #Pirates trade Wilson and Ian Snell for Jeff Clement,Ronny Cedeno, Aaron Pribanic, Brett Lorin, Nathan Adcock #
  • RT @Dejan_Kovacevic: #Pirates trade Wilson to Seattle http://bit.ly/FfoEZ #
  • Retweeting @Dejan_Kovacevic: #Pirates trade Wilson to Seattle http://bit.ly/FfoEZ #
  • Crosby Hall of Fame to be created and include his boyhood clothes dryer…….hmmmm….. http://bit.ly/hXzeg #
  • Just picked Zach Duke to pitch more innings today vs Matt Cain on ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Not sure why I made that pick tho……… #
  • Retweeting @Heritage: new op-ed: The Case Against: The public plan will unfairly crowd out private coverage http://tr.im/ux1e #
  • Whale saves diver’s life! – http://bit.ly/uUtQ1 #
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