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Politics In The Time Between The SuperBowl and Stanley Cup

Today is June 25, I’m chowing down on a sandwich right now during my lunch break (and drinking a great Dr. Pepper w/ Lime fruit shot from Walgreens!).  I’m almost 2 months removed from graduating w/ two Master degree’s.  Needless to say, I and like so many others my age, are full of ambitions!  We all have personal goals we want to meet, ideas on how we can change the world, and our ideas on how to best enjoy life (like going to a Superbowl Parade & Stanley Cup Parade in a 4 month span!).

I haven’t posted too recently about politics or life, or something non-Pirate or Pens related, so it’s definetely about time.  I need to let these thoughts flow.

President Obama w/ the SuperBowl XLIII Champions - Pittsburgh Steelers

President Obama w/ the SuperBowl XLIII Champions - Pittsburgh Steelers - Members of the Steelers pose with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, May 21, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

So to start, here are 4 things President Obama has done well during the Pittsburgh Championship Parade span:

  1. Hosted the Steelers for winning SuperBowl XLIII
  2. Called Head Coach Dan Bylsma of the Pens after they won the Stanley Cup
  3. Nominated Dan Rooney as Ambassador to Ireland
  4. Won’t release shameful photos of military servicemen & women with War on Terror detainees

The above are self explanatory, especially if you’re from Pittsburgh.  Number 3 does make me frustrated at times because Dan Rooney is a lifelong Republican/Conservative, but altered his allegiances to Obama, the most liberal Senator before becoming President.  Number 4 will make you mad if you have no respect for our American servicemen & women’s lives, but I really don’t care, you’re out of touch with humanity.

Feel free to make a comment about some things you think he’s done well also.  But before you jump the gun, here’s the disasters that are making me furious during Pittsburgh’s Championship Parades:

  1. The “Stimulus” bill.  Can anybody tell me what has been stimulated?  We haven’t come close to creating all the jobs he’s talked about yet.  I thought he was going to reduce spending?
  2. North Korea.  Did he really just come out with his firmest wording yesterday?  North Korea is like the little brother that keeps poking you.  Really doesn’t hurt, but annoying.  However, before long, he takes you on by surprise and all you had to do was put him in his place.  Can President Obama show an ounce of superiority, strength, toughness, anything?
  3. Iran.  Will you please, once again, stand up, this time for freedom.  This week rhetoric is shameful.  People are rebelling against an oppressive government and all you have to say is quit hurting them?  How bout some more sanctions for the human rights offenses?  Oh yes, and that should be on top of their defiance of current resolutions for their nuclear progressions.
  4. Health Care.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I get to keep my own health coverage!  But wait…….why are my taxes paying for the unhealthy actions of my neighbor?  And when government run health care starts undercutting private insurance, my coverage I’m now allowed to keep will increase in cost (on top of me still paying for unhealthy neighbor) and possibly force me to a bureaucratic lead health plan, which is more worried about rationing to the masses, than me!

So there we go, just my quick, built up rant.  Feel free to move to Venezuela or Cuba if you’d prefer the socialistic environment flourishing in one of those two tropic environments!

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