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The Mighty Guins and The Fluery Going To Broadstreet!

Once again, the Flyers shoot themselves in the foot.  With about 3 minutes left in the 1st OT, the Flyers send 2 men to the box to give the Pens a 5-3 Power Play.  Leave it to newly acquired Bill Guerin to score his 2nd goal of the playoffs and his 2nd goal of the game to pull off the game winner!

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According to Pens players and coaches, Guerin’s 17 seasons in the NHL and playoffs is a welcomed addition to the team’s leadership (ya think?!).  After watching Kunitz’s physical presence in Game 1 and Guerin’s key goals in Game 2, Ray Shero is looking like a mad scientist!  Outside of Marc Andre Fleury’s spectacular play in the first 2 games, key credit needs to go Shero’s trade deadline deal players for the mark they’ve both left on the Flyers in Games 1 & 2.

And what’s nice to see, is not only your goalie playing well, but a host of different players in the first two games stepping up to lead the Pens in different ways.  Malkin & Crosby have both been key factors as well in the games (who would have bet against that?).  Moreso, players are contributing across the board, some more noticeably than others, but all are playing their role to a T.  The 3rd line of Cooke, Kennedy, & Staal, seems to be a 3rd line only on paper and the 4th line of Dupuis, Talbot, & Adams seems potent to score and/or forecheck with prominence at will.

Fun to see, can’t wait to see The Mighty Guins dominate on Broadstreet Sunday and Tuesday!

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