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“Thing No. 114 that makes Pittsburgh great”

Steely McBeam


Pirate Parrot

Once again from I.L. News Aggregation Services, another Pittsburgh article:

Thing No. 114 that makes Pittsburgh great, By Dejan Kovacevic of the Post-Gazette

As the old polka goes, we’re from the town with the great football team.

OK, it remains to be seen if these Steelers are great apart from their stupendous defense, but the part that invariably is great is the support of the greatest fan base for any sports franchise on this side of the globe.

A couple weeks ago in the Dominican, Rene Gayo took us to a sports bar in Santo Domingo, aware that it was a Steelers Sunday – home game vs. Eagles – and saw as I was positively blown away to find about a dozen people openly and vigorously cheering on the Steelers. (How strange it seemed to see it snowing at Heinz Field from so far away, and how much all these faraway fans must miss it, I wondered.)

At our airport on Sunday, while standing in the security line, there erupted a burst of screams and shrieks from off to the right, just behind us. Given the extremely uptight nature of airport security types since 9-11, this usually would be enough to set off some serious nervousness all around. Instead, the TSA person in front of me shouted toward the nearby bar, “Who scored?” Turns out it was just an Ike Taylor interception.

On the plane flying here to Vegas, packed with 200-plus people (surely not good enough for US Airways to sustain this flight, either), the stewardess interrupted the silence somewhere over Kansas by announcing: “The final score was 20-13,” followed by a dramatic pause, then, “Pittsburgh.” The plane burst into applause and some high-fives. The guy next to me, who must have noticed the Downtown skyline on my laptop’s background, reached across to shake my hand. It was the first we had communicated the entire flight.


Anybody have any good stories about being outside of Pittsburgh and witnessing any awesome Pgh. Pride!? I have a few, but I’ll have to think a little longer of which one I like the best and I’ll just leave a comment!

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