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“Americans Still Giving, Despite Economic Meltdown”

Fox News report – source: Associated Press

In an article posted on Fox News today, the AP reports that Americans are still giving to charities and other aid based groups, despite the economic downturn the country is in right now. Especially in a downturn, this is comforting news to many – “The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University says that historically, charitable giving has been recession-proof.”

In a survey from World Vision, they report that 2088 has the potential to be a “better-than-usual Christmas for the nation’s charitable organizations.” The survey stated:

The telephone survey, conducted in late October by Harris Interactive, found that seven in 10 adults plan to spend less money on holiday presents this year, but about half say they are more likely to give a charitable gift than a traditional present such as clothing or an electronic toy.

What do you think causes this to happen? Melissa Brown, associate director of research for The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, said that “between 69 and 72 percent of people give routinely.”

I know that many people obviously give from their gracious hearts when they can and I also think many people budget money to give to charitable organizations on a regular basis, which is why the AP states that giving tends to be “recession-proof”.

If you give routinely or occassionaly, I’m curious as to how you plan when you will or what pushes you to actually give a substantial portion regularly or at specific times of the year. Or why do you think charitable giving tends to be “recession-proof”? Leave your comments!

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