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NBC – Not Only Ruining The News, But Your Pens Playoff Experience!

This is going to be brief, for many reasons, 1 being I only have a few minutes left in my lunch and 2, I’m too mad to get too detailed right now!

nbc-sportsIf you haven’t heard yet, NBC won’t allow the Pens to broadcast Game 3 on the large outdoor video screen set up outside of Mellon Arena.  NBC has the contract rights to televise Game 3 in Philadelphia and “As a policy, NBC Sports does not allow teams to show their broadcasts on arena screens.”  You can link to the article on the Pens site here: http://penguins.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=418805.

This infuriates me!  Even if the Pens display the NBC broadcast, who cares?!  Fans will still be watching NBC marketed commercials, etc., etc., etc.!

First NBC can’t report the news without bias, and now they want to control when, where, and how YOU choose to watch a sporting event!  Pure garbage NBC, pure garbage!

Be sure to Contact NBC and tell them how you feel!  Here’s the link:


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